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About the AAC-WCDP

On February 8, 2003, thirty-nine distinguished elected officials, leaders and advocates of the African American Democratic State Executive Committee (SEC) united to ensure that the interests and concerns of African Americans were included and addressed by the State SEC. Their valiant efforts led to the SEC’s adoption of a resolution to recognize the creation of the first African American Caucus as an official organization and auxiliary of the Party.

Lovonia Allison
Harold Lee Hairston
Albert Porter
Linda D. Coleman
Gary Wadell
Stella Adams
Bernard Allen, Sr.
Vicki Alston
Sonia M. Barnes
Edward Carter
Mary Clinton
Keith Corbett
Chenay Costen
Jeanette Council
Ty Cox
Carl Dean
Gina Pettis-Dean
Beverly Earl
Kenneth Wilkins
Barbara McKoy
Alan Foster
Millie Hoffler-FOushee
Rosa Gill
Una Green
Ronnie Green
Catherine Hall
Larry Hall
Sadie Howard
Ann Huggins
Tracy Lovett
Sharon Morris
Mary Perry
Bobby RIchardson
Carolyn Smith
Ronnie Smith
Terrance Taylor
Everett Ward
Magdalene Whitley
Branda Wilkins

The African American Caucus of the Wake County Democratic Party (AAC-WCDP) is an Auxiliary whose mission is to promote political participation and education throughout communities, influence and support the Democratic Party’s platform by raising political awareness, and electing Democrats that support our initiatives.

We encourage African Americans to join the AAC-WCDP to help shape and guide the political initiatives of Wake County.

Meet the Executive Officers with NC Supreme Court Justice, Michael Morgan and Wake County Democratic Party Chair, Rebecca Llewellyn

(Left to Right: Gail Eluwa, Q. Monique Edwards, Kenneth Wilkins, AAC-WCDP President, Kathryn McManus,
NC Supreme Court Justice Michael Morgan, Wake County Democratic Party Chair, Rebecca Llewellyn, Pecolia Okwara)

Kathryn McManus - President
Kenneth Wilkins - Vice President
Pecolia Okwara - Secretary
Gail Eluwa - Treasurer
Q. Monique Edwards - Parliamentarian

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